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Welcome! You are not lost, this really is my portfolio. Instead of sorting my works by type, I am showing it here in the wider context of my personal journey in finding my purpose in life & my quest to find my style in design. Thanks for stopping by!

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Design is beautiful

Under the Stars, Ateneo de Manila University

This is one of the major projects of LFC: an outdoor film screening. Photo by Dom Dycaico

A love of film led me to design

I joined the Loyola Film Circle with the assumption that I would be making films but I ended up being the Creative Director of the newly established LFC Creative Team.

Loyola Film Circle
LFC Bunny

The LFC Bunny is featured in a lot of my designs because of the mascot’s recognizability.

LFC RecWeek Tarp

This tarpaulin for the circus themed recruitment week increased membership

LFC Portfolio brochure

This booklet was used to market the organization to potential sponsors.

FL!CK Magazine

My first major role was to be the Creative Director of the only film magazine published by students.

My first posters highlighted form over function. As you can see on this poster, the design looks pretty but you can barely see the actual films to be screened. It was a time for an exploration of style.

As Creative Director, I set a very high standard for designs by implementing a peer review system that helped members to learn from each other. I am proud to say that our team still has some of the best designers on campus.


A poster promoting a film screening of the documentary Lupang Hinarang.

Ateneo Video Open

This tarpaulin for the circus themed recruitment week increased membership

Loyola Screen

A poster promoting a film screening of the documentary Lupang Hinarang.

EPSON Featured Artist

This logo for Healthdev Integrative Clinics was my first paid professional design job.


Design is passion

My epiphany

In my junior year, I spent a semester abroad in San Francisco. Seeing Jason Munn selling his posters at the Treasure Island Music Festival made me realize that design isn’t just a hobby for me but something more important than that. But I also learned that if I wanted to be a designer, I really had to love it.

Jason Munn

Jason Munn at his booth in Treasure Island.

Wrong Guys

This is a website that I made for Richard Leo and Tom Wells in 2008 to promote their book The Wrong Guys.

Tom Wells

In 2011, Tom Wells approached me again to design his promotional website.


Design is thinking made visual

The rise

Back in the Philippines from an inspirational trip, I was on my way to attaining my college goal: to win the Loyola Schools' Awards for the Arts for Graphic Design. I had a tough time because I was also busy working on my Computer Science thesis and reviving the promotion department of the Computer Society of the Ateneo. I barely slept in my senior year.

CompSAt Website

Above is a website and at the right is a tarpaulin designed as part of the CompSAt Create Genius Campaign for Recruitment of new members.

CompSAt Tarp
CompSAt Video

This is a Flash animation inspired by Apple that was shown to Ateneo freshmen as part of the Create Genius recruitment campaign.

Dear Mr. Sagmeister, please hire me

This poster was used to promote CompSAt week.


This was a photobooth souvenir which I designed, from Loopback, the CompSAt reunion party.

The Dark Knight Returns

Homework for Advanced Graphic Design Class.


Trivia: I wasn’t officially enrolled in this class.

The rise

After hundreds of design mockups, sleepless nights, tons of hard work and missed gatherings, I didn’t get the award because I lacked my own visual style. All this time I’ve been designing “form follows function” that I wasn’t able to focus on style. Not winning made me reflect on my style and commit to work even harder.


Design makes you feel

Beyond design: art direction

Despite not having an art degree, I ended up working at Dyll with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met. I learned more about how to come up with 360 advertising campaigns, how to go viral and the importance of appealing to emotions.

My iMac in Dyll

I design for people not awards

I applied my new learnings in some design experiments on my blog which got a surprising amount of positive feedback which made me feel like I did something good as a designer.

Best of Both Worlds
Alice in Mad Men

This is a flash animation of a pop culture mashup between Alice in Wonderland and Mad Men that I made when I was in SF.


This graphic I made in reaction to the situation in the Middle East got over 18,000 notes, was tweeted by CNN news anchor Kristie Lou Stout and was featured in the Al Jazeera Blog.

Some people made it into a shirt to raise money for donations and gave me one.

Harry Potter Spell Typography

This Harry Potter spell typography I did for fun got over 30,000 notes in Tumblr.

2011 Oscars

This graphic I made for the 2011 Oscars also got over 10,000 notes.


Design is human

Beyond design: art direction

My design journey continues in Singapore where I am currently a Web Designer learning more about user experience and design strategy. My design philosophy is still evolving.

Bangkok is Waiting For You

This is a website I designed as a part of Techsailor for CNBC and BMA for a Bangkok Wish List Contest.

To Be Continued...

About Me

My life is devoted to making beautiful designs that make you think and feel. I want to design things that make you happy or make you look differently.

My goal is to make something truly iconic that will stand the test of time, not something that is trendy and disposable.

I believe that a good design is one that communicates a story well.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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