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Tiong Bahru Houses
Orange Thimble
Tiong Bahru Bakery
Tiong Bahru Houses
Tiong Bahru Market
The Bike
Jules et Jim - Interior Design
Flea & Trees
Books Actually
Store at Moh Guan - ask Kasey
Tiong Bahru Houses
Yong Siak Street
Flock Cafe

Tiong Bahru

The best neighbourhood to live in. It's OMG so hipster from the indie cafes to the quirky stores to the traditional coffee shops. The architecture has round elements which makes it stand out from the regular HDB apartments. Tiong Bahru used to be known as Mei Ren Wo or Den of Beauties because mistresses used to live there. Now, a lot of young people and expats seem to favour the newly gentrified area. I love walking around the area because I always discover a new thing. My favourite is the local bookstore, Books Actually.

Lady Gaga
Nick Valensi
Cool Band at Orchard Towers
Matilda - Singapore Idol Runner Up
Keep Your Day Job
Pump Room - Jive Talk
Swedish House Mafia
Laneway Fest
Laneway Fest
Band of Horses
Vampire Weekend
Yeah Yeah Yeahs


I attended as many concerts as I could afford in my stay in Singapore. It got more indie bands than Manila but Manila seems to be catching up. I went to the Avalon opening just to stalk Nick Valensi, the guitarist from The Strokes. Devendra Banhart was also there but I didn't really care about him. Some of my friends had bands like my ex-colleague from Techsailor and my ex-flatmate in Tiong Bahru. Local bands seem to mostly do covers. I fell in love with EDM from being constantly bombarded by it in Clarke Quay. The best was Zoukout and Swedish House Mafia. There were just so many good moments overall like Sigur Ros in the rain.

Going OM
Going OM
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Parkview Square

Kampong Glam

This area is one of my go-to places to bring visitors too. I've lost count of how many people I've walked here with. I love window shopping and shisha here the most.

Helipad Party
1 Altitude
Sentosa Fireworks


I didn't really think Singapore was that boring. My favourite was Avalon because I always go in for free and I like DJ Jon White. Pangaea is a bit too expensive for me. Attica (or Sluttica) is not as sleazy as I thought. Zouk is fun and gets the cool guest DJs but full of teens. China One is a total hookup place. New Asia Bar had the most attractive people. Helipad Party is something you go to once so you can say that you went there. Club Street/Ann Siang Hill is a very chill place to hangout.

Thunder Tea Rice
Jungle Beer
Bamboo Sushi
Giant Alcoholic Macaron
Red Bean Chocolate Dumplings
Double Chocolate Cake
Laurent Bernard
Maison Ikokku Cappuccino
Pecan Cheesecake
Raffles Hotel Afternoon Tea

Food & Drink

I won't even talk about the usual chicken rice and stuff like that. I had a gallbladder issue so my doctors put me in a low fat diet. The healthiest thing ever to eat is Thunder Tea Rice which is very polarizing. I did super Western stuff like going to cafes and having afternoon tea. I never learned how to cook because I always bought from the hawker center (yong tau foo, porridge, green bean soup, siew mai, pho, mixed veggie rice, etc). My flatmate baked awesome cupcakes too. I mostly leeched off from them XD Most frequented restaurants: Ichiban Sushi, Marche, PS Cafe, Din Tai Fung, etc. One of the memorable things I did was a beer brewery tour at Jungle Beer. It's at a hidden place :) But worth the trek for the Mango Lychee Beer!

Cable Car
Singapore Zoo
Raffles Hotel
Raffles Hotel
Star Vista
La Salle
Joo Chiat
Joo Chiat
Haw Par Villa
East Coast Park
Botanic Gardens
Neil Road
Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery/Siong Lim Temple

Exploring Singapore

I've been in Singapore for 2 years and I don't think I've seen everything yet. I went to the temple next to my first room for the first time only a few days before I moved back to Manila. There are still places I want to go to like Sungei Buloh, Pulau Ubin and Macritchie Reservoir.


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