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Loyola Film Circle


Loyola Film Circle

LFC Recruitment Week
LFC Loyola Screen

Design is beautiful

I joined the Loyola Film Circle thinking I would make films but ended up being the Creative Director of the newly established Creative Team instead. Because I was a beginner, I cared more about the aesthetics than the purpose of the design.

University of San Francisco


University of San Francisco

Alice in Mad Men
Alice in Mad Men

Design is passion

In my junior year, I spent a semester abroad in San Francisco. Seeing Jason Munn selling his posters at the Treasure Island Music Festival made me realize that design isn’t just a hobby for me but something more important than that.

I made a really cool animation of an Alice In Wonderland/Mad Men mashup for my Flash class.

Computer Society of the Ateneo


Computer Society of the Ateneo

CompSAt WebsiteCompSAt We create genius

Design is thinking made visual - Saul Bass

Back in the Philippines, I was working on attaining my college goal: to win the Loyola Schools' Awards for the Arts for Graphic Design. I had a tough time because I was also busy working on my Computer Science thesis and reviving the promotion department of the Computer Society of the Ateneo. I barely slept in my senior year.

My new design philosophy was focusing on the idea behind the design. I didn't focus so much on developing my own style which cost me the award.




Oscar Typography

Design makes you feel

Despite graduating with a Computer Science degree, I ended up working at Dyll, an ad agency with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met. I learned more about how to come up with 360 advertising campaigns and how to go viral. I learned that the missing ingredient to my design was the importance of appealing to emotions.




CNBC Bangkok is Waiting For Your
NTUC Happy Chinese New Year

Design is human

I moved to Singapore for my new job as a web designer for a social media agency where I experienced working for clients like the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, CNBC and NTUC. I attended local events like DestrActions where I got to exercise design thinking, of coming up with the best solutions for people.

Smile Magazine



Smile Magazine Fiesta Feature Article





Design is honest

I worked at a mobile UI company where I learned the basics of designing and prototyping for iOS, Android, Blackberry. I chose to go into UI because I wanted to be involved in the process of actually creating a product instead of just selling or promoting something. Design should be honest and not misleading.

Mika Aldaba

About Me

CompSAt Website

My life is devoted to making iconic beautiful designs that make you think and feel. I believe that a good design is one that communicates a story well. Thank you for listening to mine.

For more of my work, visit my Tumblr blog.

Do you need a new art director/designer? Do you want to collaborate with me? Are you a student who wants advice? Do you watch an insane amount of film and tv? Do you like coffee or tea?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we should talk and see where it goes.